Abou : Ferosticker

The state of art FEROSTICKER, Self Induction Fire Extinguishing Sytem is a self contained heat ensing, activating, extinguishing all in one sticker fire extinguisher. It subverts the traditional concept of fire fighting, especially for the intial fire, to achieve rapid response and accurate fire extinguishing.

In the Event of Fire, the system can quickly detect, automatically sense and start through the curence of the chemical reactions to release a large number of non-toxic, harmless gas-like agent and fire free radicals to extinguish the fire.

Technical specifications
Dimensions 100mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 3mm (H)
Net Weight 26 (±) 1g
Effective Height Above Igniotion Point 20cms
Protected Volume 0.13 m3
Protected Distance ≤ 300mm
Standard Activate Temperature 380°C
Ignition Time 3~5 Seconds
Storage Cool & Dry Condition
Operating Ambient Temperature -30° ~ +100° C
Fire Class A, B, C
  • For the first time in the world, New Concept of Protection
  • Compact Design. No Installation and No Maintenance
  • Multiple Application, Direct to Source, Total Fooding Application.
  • No Stored Pressure, No Power Supply required
  • First response to protect initial fire
  • Shelf Life of 10 years