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There is simply no other system that offers what our Auto Dialer does at such an affordable price!

Auto Dialer is a micro controller based product. As the name implies this product dials the stored telephone numbers and transmits the recorded voice message. This product can be connected with all fire alarms and burglar alarms and can be configured either as a single message auto dialer or a dual message auto dialer.

This user friendly product is built on embedded standards there by meeting the latest technical specifications concerned with any embedded system and is easily programmable and installable.


  • Tone / Pulse switchable
  • Can store phone number of any number of digits
  • Sends pre-recorded voice of 40 to 60 seconds duration
  • Compatible with all type of security pre-warning system
  • User friendly with the use of LCD
  • Single message / Dual message storage
  • 16×2 LCD display
  • Inbuilt 4×4 matrix key pad for storing phone numbers
  • Automatic mode change over from programming mode to execution mode
  • False dialing prevention
  • Single message Auto dialler supports a maximum of 5 telephone numbers
  • Dual message Auto dialler supports a maximum of 10 telephone numbers

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