IP Intruder Alarm System

Qualitronics (Madrass) Private Limited has been a key player in the security solutions industry in India since 1979. After providing numerous banks and other institutions with advanced security measures, we expanded our operations with branches all over the nation.


Decades Experience 

IP Intruder Alarm System

Secure & Innovative

The state of art panel, that can communicate on IP Networks, and GSM, The flexible system fits a range of facility configurations from retail stores and banks to schools, office buildings and more,

Remote programming with advanced diagnostic capabilities minimizes costs by allowing technicians to service your system or enable and disable certain functions without traveling to your facility.

Moreover using the proprietary QX protocol ensures no threat to communication snifing and data theft over the network.

At ease

The control panel works around the clock checking for open windows and doors and performing other services to keep your facility secure. It provides safeguards against burglars, vandalism, and more.

with event notifications such as alarms, or warnings from connected devices, sent directly to your mobile phone and also to CMS desk, you are always kept updated on the status of your facility even when you are not there.


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