AMC for CCTV price and details

Understanding AMC for CCTV Surveillance System in India: 

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What is AMC for Service: 


Let’s understand what does an AMC for service stands for before we learn about AMC for CCTV Surveillance System. AMC stand for Annual Maintenance Contract or Annual Maintenance charge. AMC is a mutual contract between service provider and customer for a specific time period. In most cases it will be around one or two years. To provide the service support for products especially the electronic products like CCTV, fire alarm, Intruder alarm, generators, etc.., The service support for AMC includes frequent inspection of the system/product, identifying the faults, replacing the faulty parts, replacing the faulty products, servicing the product when required etc., 


Types of Annual Maintenance contracts: 

Annual maintenance contract is classified into two types.  


  1. Comprehensive AMC  

In Comprehensive AMC, any fault/ breakdown/ problem inspected in the system has to be repaired by the service provider. In addition to that if it requires to replace any product or supplement/ spare parts of the product, the cost has to be borne by the service provider. It is subjected to the pre-agreement for that particular period. Any extra cost involved in the service including the replacement of the product/ spare parts will be taken care by service provider. The price for the same will be quoted accordingly during the contract tenure period.  

  1. Non-Comprehensive AMC 

In Non-Comprehensive AMC, the service provider will take care of the service of the system but when it requires to replace any system/ spare part the customer has to bear the cost for the same. This price quoted in Non-Comprehensive AMC will be only for the service support for a particular duration. Any cost involved to repair/ service the system will be charged by the customer. 


AMC for CCTV Camera: 


There’s a lot more involved when it comes to the AMC for CCTV. CCTV basically comes with the products such as Camera, DVR/ NVR, Hard Disk, Monitor, Cables and connectors. At any given point in time, we should ensure all these products are working fine to make sure the system is recording the incidents. Now for a CCTV AMC the service provider should frequently inspect all the products mentioned above. Service provider has to report the same to the customer. If there is any problem/ fault identified in any of the CCTV products the service provider has to take necessary actions to rectify the fault. It also involves to take care of the backup of the recording and helping the customer to inspect the footage when required. Even in AMC for CCTV camera can also be served in two types such as comprehensive and non-comprehensive. 


  • Comprehensive AMC for CCTV camera surveillance System 

As mentioned above this involves providing the service support for all the CCTV products. Service provider should ensure that the CCTV surveillance system is working fine all the time. When in time of replacing any faulty product or spare part, the service provider has to bear the cost for the agreed time period. Service provider will charge the price considering the following factors

  • Age of the system
  • Condition of the cameras and equipment
  • Brand of the system
  • Ease of availability of the spares.
  • Other Technical Factors 


  • Non-Comprehensive AMC for CCTV camera surveillance system

Unlike comprehensive, In Non-comprehensive AMC for CCTV the cost involved to replace the products or spares has to borne by the customer. Service provider will charge for providing the service support, periodic review of the system and taking the backup of the footage, retrieving the footage when required.  


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